Cloud Career Journeys

Cloud career journeys

cloud career journeys


Get inspired by life journeys of people who have successfully transitioned into cloud roles.

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Inspiring chronicles of Individuals

who have chosen the cloud path

Jeff barr, Vice President, Amazon Web Services

Jeff Barr

Vice President, Amazon Web Services

Every journey is unique. Success doesn’t hinge on following the conventional route of attending a prestigious college. In this book, I reveal how I overcame a difficult childhood and forged a career in technology.

When you’ve got a goal, don’t let it slip away. Believe in yourself, even if others might not see your vision. My journey shows that sticking to it and backing yourself up are game-changers. When you face doubters, stay steady and let your results speak for themselves.

Kesha Williams Cloud & AI Leader, AWS Machine Learning Hero

Kesha Williams

Cloud & AI Leader, AWS Machine Learning Hero

Being born in the deprived area of Metro Manila and growing up doing odd jobs had fuelled my imagination to aim higher in life. In my story, you will find what led to the creation of Tutorials Dojo, which helped thousands of people elevate their cloud careers.

Jon Bonso Co-Founder, Tutorials Dojo

Jon Bonso

Co-Founder, Tutorials Dojo

It’s never too late to reinvent yourself. In this book, I have shared why I decided to leave the legal world and pursue a career in IT and how being turned down in the final round of AWS interviews led to me founding A Cloud Guru.

Ryan Kroonenburg Co-founder, A Cloud Guru

Ryan Kroonenburg

Co-founder, A Cloud Guru

If we look around,

we will find circles of successful people around us,

but most of the time we don’t know about

the journey they have been through …

… What if there was a way

to peek into the path they travelled,

the turns they have taken,

or challenges they have overcome?

Who is featured in the book?

The Pathfinders

Charted into cloud with no technical background

With resilience and grit, these intrepid explorers ventured into unfamiliar terrain to stake their claim in the lands of cloud technology. Though their starting points differ, their stories inspire others to explore cloud technology from any origin.

The Progressives

Used prior IT knowledge as stepping stones to cloud

With robust technical skills and determined ambition, these climbers conquered fresh trails to become lead guides in the clouds. Their journeys show how foundational IT skills can pave upward paths to cloud career peaks.

The Accelerators

Force multipliers for technology and Cloud explorers

They equip aspirants to soar in the Cloud and related technologies by elevating key competencies. They help the multitude of followers in their rapid career progression through advocating and imparting crucial knowledge.

The Undefeated

Paved cloud path against all odds

They regain the trail after detours and persist when the climb gets tough. Though setbacks may force them to take a break or change course, these resilient explorers get back on their feet to find new paths to cloud success.

The Pinnacles

At the apex of cloud success

Through expertise and tireless drive, they’ve mastered the immense challenges on the path to the peak. Their journeys show others the route to reach the cloud computing heights.

The Liberators

Eased the cloud path for others

Through mentoring, teaching, and community building, they guide newcomers to bridge any gaps. By empowering those around them, they open new routes to the cloud for all.

Cloud Career Journeys

Diverse Backgrounds. Relentless Drive. Unconventional Paths.

Each story will leave you with actionable advises that you can follow.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting your cloud journey, you will find it equally useful.

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Inspiring This book is a top top notch. This featured individuals who has given a good account of their cloud journey. The inspiring thing is most of them were not in the IT field and this inspires me , anything is possible if hard work and perseverance. I recommend this book to anyone who wants get into cloud.
Fantastic book with great benefits This book is a fantastic book and features amazing people and their stories on how they got to cloud. Not only there's lots to learn from their stories but also is very motivational and has lots of benefits inside like free subscription to leaning platforms.If you're someone new to cloud and you want to know how other succeeded, this is a MUST buy!
Amazing book if you want to start or switch your career in cloud This book will help everyone who wants to start working in cloud technology, switch to cloud, or generally upskill their knowledge. It contains examples of how various individuals from different professional backgrounds have learned AWS and built careers for themselves.
Faraaz Ahmed
An Inspirational ride! This book is a great motivational boost and has helped me navigate my cloud career better. Reading about the inspiring stories of cloud professionals and being able to relate to them has helped me gain a better perspective on my own cloud journey. Cloud is for everyone and the only limit is your desire to learn so go ahead and buy this to be inspired and resonate with the successful people working with cloud and one day you may find yourself in their shoes!
James Danforth Wadleigh
Motivation and Practical Insights for Your Cloud Journey: Beginner to Experienced When it comes to tech, and in this case specifically the Cloud, the focus is often centered on upskilling. What do I need to know/do/have to boost movement forward professionally?This is usually filled with articles, posts, videos, a course, or even a certification. Along the way, we come across "power boosters", those resources that not only inspire us to keep moving forward but also equip us to keep heading in the right direction.Cloud Career Journeys is one of those career power boosters.It shares the varied journeys of 16 cloud professionals. From the beginner just starting, to the pro progressing, to the tech-experienced transitioning into the cloud, to the leaders, trainers, and pioneers. It has something for seemingly each step in the journey.For me personally, many of the stories were from people who have provided a boost through articles, posts, videos, and courses. And getting to hear more of their journey added another level of personal touch I appreciated.If you're considering a cloud career or you're somewhere in the middle of one, through story this is a guide filled with practical tips and advice, actions to take, and alerts to avoid from those that have been there, done that.In addition to the book, the authors have put together a resource kit with some of the best resources available (some really good ones free, some others discounted). A project/book that is not only easy to support but to me looks to be a good investment in my journey.
Great Book!!! Inspiring It is fascinating to read through the journeys of people who you admire. Sometimes, we are only aware of their technical contributions, but their journey can be equally inspiring. I would recommend this as a must-read for anyone in technology.
Muralidhar Kocherla
A Wonderful Source of Guidance and Motivation for Embarking on a Career in the Cloud This book offers valuable advice and inspiration for individuals seeking direction and encouragement in their cloud-related endeavors. It shares the journeys of 16 individuals from diverse backgrounds who successfully entered the world of cloud careers. Understanding their paths serves as a guide and source of motivation. This book is beneficial for those embarking on a career in the cloud.
stewart s.
A great resource for aspiring cloud computing professionals. This book is about the path that 16 people from different parts of the world took to becoming cloud computing professionals.As someone who is just getting started in cloud computing education, I found this book very helpful by providing several resources that enhanced my knowledge about different cloud services and how they connect to each other.It was a great idea for book participants to give actionable advice and recommendations at the end of their stories. I was motivated to purchase this book by watching a YouTube livestream where six of the participants talked about how they would recommend getting started in cloud computing.This is a great book I found it to be very engaging and an easy read.I would recommend this book to anyone interested in cloud computing.
Waleed Al-Rwaishan
Cloud Career Journeys is a must read for anyone venturing to the Cloud After getting copy of Cloud Career Journeys, I could not stop reading until I finished the book. Yes, it showcases the journey of 16 cloud professionals into the cloud. I never expected that it would be a fun and entertaining book. Without doubt, it is very relevant to my journey in the cloud. It provided me with advice, encouragement and empowerment.The book is not about the journey into the cloud for the professionals showcased in the book. It is about the journey of the reader to a successful cloud career. As a reader, I felt like I was speaking to those professionals and getting valuable advice and tips. It would be hard for me to find this number of professionals and speak to them about their journey. It is very useful that it is in a book format. This is helpful that I can go back to the profiles to get more advice and encouragement. It does not stop at this, it provides links to resources to boost and propel the reader into success.I recommend this book because it is not like other books in the self empowerment and motivation category as it goes way beyond providing specific advice with real examom the experience of successful professionals. This is not a technical book, but it does cover a huge gap on the needed soft skill and mindset to be successful in a cloud career. The book is very entertaining and very enjoyable. Personally, I will go back and read the book again and again. The reason is the book has a wealth of information and advice. I will get a new understanding and advice each time I read it at different points in my career.



Prasad Rao, Author Cloud Career Journeys

Prasad Rao

Principal Solutions Architect

Ashish Prajapati, Author Cloud Career Journeys

Ashish Prajapati

Senior Technical Instructor


Poornima Menon Editor Cloud career journeys

Poornima Menon

Business Intelligence Engineer


Get inspired by life journeys of people who have successfully transitioned into cloud roles.